storycrafting projects

Below are some of my storycrafting projects and ideas.

Adam’s Fall, a myth of redemption and transfiguration, is a graphic novel in progress which tells the story of Adam Davidson, a quietly-gay Episcopal priest whose fall from grace allows his awakening to a cosmos of love, joy, power and freedom beyond his wildest dreams.

The Communion of Saints is a novel in progress which tells the tale of James, an openly-gay, black Episcopal academic who has come seeking professional training, Christian community and a Christian husband at a conservative, Presbyterian seminary.

Adventures in Dating.

American Dreams.

Brad’s Daimon.

The Brotherhood.

The Dos Equis Murders. A gay journalist discovers that a shady charlatan with an ex-gay ministry has been delivering boys from homosexuality–by killing them.

Dr. Rappaccini’s Garden. See The Garden of Dr. Rappaccini.

Erotic Illuminated Fiction.

The Garden of Dr. Rappaccini. Erotic Illuminated Fiction.

Gather at the River.

Gilgamesh. Erotic Illuminated Fiction.

H. naturalis. Erotic Illuminated Fiction. h. naturalis and Incubus are closely related and may need to merge..

Incubus. Erotic Illuminated Fiction.

Lords of Ecstasy. Erotic Illuminated Fiction.

Male Pursuits! a practical, pleasurable, illustrated guide to boy-chasing and man-hunting.

The Matriarch & the Sun King. A fable about the struggles of a young man to come of age and rescue his lover in a matriarchal society at war with bands of empowered,male revolutionaries, some hunters and warriors, some peaceful separatists, some both.

The Messenger.

Metro Boys’ Club. A serial fiction drama in graphic form, chronicling the adventures of a group of young, gay men who form a club to make friends and keep each other safe, sane and smiling.

The Missionary Position. Erotic Prose Fiction.

My Friend Donni. Illuminated Fiction.

The Pack. A Novel.

The Pentecost Project.

Dr. Rappaccini’s Garden. See The Garden of Dr. Rappaccini.

Rappaccini’s Son. See The Garden of Dr. Rappaccini.

The Return of the Heir Apparent is a fantasy novel dealing with the return of the heir apparent to take the throne. The heir apparent is coming from a land which his subjects view as hostile, decadent, and evil. He brings back with him a princess from “The Dark Lands” as they are called, and what seems to be her protector, her brother. Little does everyone know that the Dark Prince is the new king’s lover and that he is actually the heir apparent. They go off to slay a beast to prove his worthiness, and the Dark Prince is the one who is actually crowned and marked. However, when they return, the whole story must be told, and the Dark Prince is imprisoned on charges of witchcraft. The Bright Prince is crowned, but refuses, thinking that the heir apparent is dead. The princess comes to him and tells him that her brother is not dead at all. She feels him. The Bright Prince says that he must get him out. No, word has been sent. Our people are coming to free him. That will be war. Retyped Tue, 02 May 2006 (16:48) from a document dated Tue, 07 May 1996 (17:47).

Sabin’s Story. See The Missionary Position.

Scavengers. Erotic Science Fiction.

The Sorcerer Prince. Erotic Illuminated Fiction.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. A theology student on summer break falls in love with his mysterious boss and landlord, the owner of an occult bookstore, and plunges them both into grave danger when he enters a secret room and unleashes magical forces he cannot control.

The Stranger. A sci-fi, erotic fable Fiction.

Tales of the Erotic Avenger.

Two Nations.


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