below are linx to sites i find useful… or even “just” interesting…


Adam & Andy by James Asal

Adam & Andy by James Asal

Adam & Andy is an online comic by James Asal which has delighted me, personally, and countless others with his simple, evocative, humorous look at the life of a regular couple of guys in a long-term relationship. The story has had some through lines, and there was a “Zuma’s Diner” spin-off that I didint’ quite like so much as Adam & Andy, but the strip has remained such that one could “drop in” just anywhere. The past few episodes, however, are hinting at something more interesting, but no less real, and with no less of a light touch in terms of dialogue and drawing. But who knows?

Alan Ilagan has a beautiful website and a beautiful philosophy of the body and sensuality. Added 2013.09.01. the thrilling (and somewhat informative) website of Alistair Appleton whom Davey of break the illusion blog claims is his boyfriend… but i saw him first.


home_soldier1Big Watch Boiz is the (homoerotic) illustration website of talented artist Jacob Mott. I’ve loved his work for quite some time, and am glad to see a website which showcases his skills.

M astrology & esoterica from a lunar perspective. i especially like their “Today’s Moon” feature.


The Queer Art Blog. gay graphic art, comic & illustration.


TJ & Amal. the less than epic adventures of TJ & Amal. Added Sun, 13 Apr 2014 (15.48).


Vicktor-Art. Write/Illustrator of Les Gars Du Chantier & al.


Xavier Giquel. Illustrateur.


Todd Yaeger’s cybermuseum. homoerotic art.





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