the rex amoris design project: preliminary thoughts

i have been haunted by an image floating around on the internet, the lovely black and white image of a nude, muscular man with his arms outstretched and feet crossed in perfect balance and perfect submission.

he appears to float in space.

i love the forward angle of his head, and his open palms invite me – my whole self – into a giving, an acceptance so complete and profound that it scares me to think of the implications: fully embracing the agonies of sacrifice at the very moment of fully embracing the ecstasies of joy.

so i have been “working” on a version of this piece… a design which I’d like to realize in a couple of different media and a way of assimilating the lessons I learn as piece works on me.

never a week goes by when i don’t look at my sketches and feel myself invited more deeply or in a new way by the very gesture of the outstretched palms.

… invited into something more simply wonderful.

often I’m encouraged by the invitation. more often i’m enraged and petulant that i can’t seem to feel the truth of that embrace… even when i know i am constantly in the loving heart buried in that extraordinary chest.

but here i share with you some of the work i’m doing to realize this message for myself… and maybe someone else will find something worth taking away (or sharing) too.


24 august 2008
sunday afternoon, the 15th after pentecost


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