welcome to the digital scriptorum, an online words-and-images workshop (and occasional playground) for frater gymnos: incarnational contemplative, archetypal storycrafter & digital illuminator.

my passion is crafting stories filled with imagery and spirituality, eroticism and authenticity.

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if you haven’t previously, please read the caveats, below.

i created this space with the intention of fostering a rather sophisticated and free interchange of ideas and concepts – sometimes in graphic form – which might be inappropriate for some audiences, and even illegal by the standards of certain municipalities or other jurisdictions.

therefore, in order to participate – or even view this site, i ask that you be over 18 – or at least of age in your community of residence to legally view materials of an adult nature.

i also ask that you please not pass these materials along to persons not of age to view them.

please follow your conscience and your own, god-given, good, common sense.

thanks be to God!

Tue, 19 Feb 2008 (Tuesday after the 2nd Sunday in Lent)
13:50 in Trenton, New Jersey